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Benefits for IT users

Work and play anywhere on any device

Every feature in our products has been implemented with a user centric focus. Scense Workspace management results in empowered end users but ultimate control remains in the hands of the IT department.

      • You are a person and your desktop should be personal. Scense will guarantee you a fully functional and personalized workspace with your applications, settings and data wherever you decide to logon.
      • Scense will give you the flexibility you need. You will be able to use your desktop and applications wherever you are: on your own desktop, on your colleague’s desktop, on your laptop or at home.
      • Scense will provide you with new applications fast. Applications you buy or request today will be available immediately. Time to Value is further shortened by our User Installed Apps functionality.
      • AppiXoft’s patented technology will ensure a stable workspace environment. Outside office hours, Scense will provide you with self-service tooling that will assist in solving some desktop problems.