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Reference Cases

Reference case Industrial: Dekker Zevenhuizen

Manufacturer of counter tops is no longer at the boiling point thanks to Scense.

With production sites in Zevenhuizen and Alphen aan den Rijn, a trading department, a range of different suppliers and distributors and a growing number of homeworkers, Dekker Zevenhuizen is a hybrid organization. Even more so if you take into account the fact that they also have their own SAP integration and the fact that they are linked to several other ERP systems. Quite an uphill struggle for the IT department to keep all that manageable, or so it seems. Judging from the extremely relaxed and fresh appearance of IT manager Raymond Kops, it seems no big deal at all. Before Scense workspace management was implemented, however, things were a lot different.

This reference case is also available in Dutch

Scalda college


Reference case Education: Scalda College

BYOC in education.

The Dutch Institutes for Vocational Education in Westerschelde and Zeeland are highly committed to delivering a top quality education. Because the use of ICT is a very important factor in this, both institutes decided to implement Scense in order to achieve their goals. The benefits of using Scense became increasingly obvious before, during and after the merger of these large education centres into the new Scalda College. In this case study Hans Treebush of the former ROC Zeeland and Thomas de Koster of the former ROC Westerschelde explain the considerations surrounding the decision to implement Scense, as well as the benefits they now experience on a daily basis.

Scalda college


Reference case Education: Avans University

Avans university gets scalability in VDI.

Avans University is committed to high student satisfaction and quality of education is in the DNA of the entire organization. Short lines in the organization, a high level of commitment from all staff and very modern and innovative facilities have resulted in leading positions in various lists year after year. In 2012 Avans University of Applied Sciences decided to start a pilot project for PC virtualisation (VDI) within their Academy of Industry and Information Technology. Michiel van de Pas, responsible for IT management within the academy, explains the considerations, the challenges, learning opportunities and solutions adopted in this project in which Scense Workspace Management played a distinctive role.


Reference case Education: Beekvliet Grammar School

Beekvliet grammar school redesigns IT.

Everybody knows what a crucial part IT plays in education these days; but there’s always the risk that a badly-performing or failing IT system will have a negative impact on the educational environment. For this reason Hans Vorstenbosch Bosch, System Administrator at Gymnasium Beekvliet, decided not to rush into any decisions when new management at his school allowed him the opportunity to modernise its IT systems.

In this case study Hans describes the challenges he faced with this project and explains what considerations played a role in the choices he made – as well as the valuable lessons he has learned along the way.

Beekvliet grammar school


Reference case Healthcare: IJsselland Hospital

Transform Microsoft App-V into a medical ICT solution with Scense

IJsselland chose Microsoft Application Virtualization (App-V) as the best way to deliver end-user applications and Scense’s User Workspace Management solutions also had a vital part to play for five main reasons. “By using Scense to deliver the virtualized applications to end users, we didn’t need to buy a streaming server. This saves us money and helps to minimize the complexity of our IT environment.

IJsselland: “Deciding to work with Scense was the most logical choice. Scense solutions have been developed on the idea that Desktop Management Solutions should be100% user-based.”


Reference case Government: Waterboard of Delfland

One consistent desktop for everyone with Scense

To manage and deliver the user layer and applications to a virtual desktop, Delfland uses Scense. Scense Workspace Management will guarantee a personalized, fully functional virtual desktop to every user, on any device. Because of the desktop agnostic approach of Scense, the exact same desktop experience will also be available outside the virtual desktop environment: on fat clients, laptops or employee owned devices. Delfland: “Because Scense also manages the content of the master templates we use to create persistent and non persistent virtual desktops, these templates are always up to date. As a result, the virtual desktops are fully functional from the start.


Reference case Government: Council of Lisse

Committed to a better service to the public

With some 150 government employees, the city council of Lisse committed itself to a better service for all of its inhabitants. Additionally the city council of Lisse wanted to improve the management of its internal IT services by offering its government employees the opportunity to work flexible hours. For years, the town has used its own application packages, which until now had to be installed on every PC or desktop locally. This complexity made it impossible for the IT department to have flexible workspaces. Lisse: “The public is better served and our employees enjoy more flexibility. We work very closely with some other towns and definitely discuss our solution with them.”

City council of Lisse


Reference case Education: Mondriaan College

Mondriaan Education Group makes a breakthrough with Scense

Previously, 30 or 40 IT staff were constantly busy with urgent IT problems. Nowadays, issues are resolved far more quickly and efficiently and the number of helpdesk calls has been dramatically reduced. Instead IT staff can focus on far more interesting and valuable projects. As soon as a student registers for the first time, they receive a profile indicating which applications are available to them, along with a login name and password allowing them to access their profile, data and applications at any workstation. “Scense helps us to use our IT staff more effectively. As a result, we have been able to implement all the projects and ideas we had planned for this year.”


Reference case Education: Deltion College

Consumerization of IT with Scense – student laptop becomes teaching aid

To support the demand of a diverse and large group of 17.000 young students, adults and employees, with all their individual expectations on flexibility, functionality and mobility, Deltion College recently deployed the Scense Workspace Management Solution. Deltion College had to deploy software to almost 4.000 computers on which until recently about 1.700 different applications were running.

Deltion was also confronted with the fact that more students and employees were bringing their own laptop and expected availability of all Deltion applications and personalized workspaces on these devices.


Reference case Education: Scala College

Instant conflict-free application distribution via centralized management

Scala’s desktop management provider admitted that they weren’t able to offer a solution for this challenge and suggested to search for a new application delivery provider. Scala’s IT department selected and compared a number of application delivery and desktop management solutions and decided to implement Scense’s workspace management suite including an application virtualization solution. Scala explains: “The other vendors we evaluated were machine oriented, not addressing the flexibility required by our users. Other’s didn’t offer an application delivery layer at all or were just too expensive to fit in our budget sheets. Scense workspace management offered exactly what we needed.”