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Benefits for Education

“In essence, Scense enables students and staff to get on doing what they do best: learning and teaching.” – University

Scense has been solving it challenges within educational institutions since the very start. Even a brief look at a university or school IT infrastructure shows that it management spends most of its time on daily maintenance rather than developing innovations or making system improvements, and the reasons are very clear.

Challenge: software incompatibility

A well-known nightmare. New educational applications are introduced daily and have to be available at very short notice (“I need this now. My class starts tomorrow!”). They’re also notorious for breaking other applications during installation. Scense helps administrators prepare them for immediate use without the fear of unstable desktops.

All potential software incompatibility issues are eliminated by using Scense Adaptive Installer, our unique installation technology. There’s no need for application repackaging or other system adjustments – ever. Educational applications bought on Monday are available for students on Monday. Combine this with Scense’s in-depth integration with all common application virtualization techniques and classes need never be frustrated by broken applications.

Challenge: roaming users and applications

The relation between students, locations and educational applications is a fluid one. Classes shift location, students need access to applications anywhere, including home, at any time, including the middle of the night, classrooms may be used by private teachers out of hours. IT administrators have their work cut out dealing with such a challenging situation. Trailing from PC to PC to distribute applications in the old fashioned way is no longer an option. Nor is a software distribution system that only delivers applications to PCs. The Scense solution is to send the application to the end-user.

Scense delivers applications to end-users on demand. When an application is not yet available, it’s installed, streamed or activated on the workstation the end-user is working on at the time. By using Scense’s adaptive Installer or some application virtualization technique, Scense guarantees the stability of the desktop in use.

Challenge: a new generation of users

End-users in educational institutions have grown up with IT and know exactly what it takes to get their work done. There’s no need to explain how to use the applications, they can figure that out for themselves. On the other hand, IT administrators must be in control, if they are going to deliver the required service levels, and they need a single tool to get this done without cramping the end-user. Scense helps the IT administrator to facilitate instead of dictate.

Scense is designed and developed with a single-minded ambition, to empower the user and retain control. Administrators can provide fully functional desktops to end-users while still delivering the agreed service levels. When desktops are managed in real time and users are empowered to solve IT problems themselves, the end-user remains productive with no limitations on functionality. Scense is ready for Generation Y and Z.

Challenge: Bring Your Own Computer

Increasingly, IT management is called on to support staff and students’ own devices. The BYOC trend is driven by increased productivity, enhanced job satisfaction and cost-efficiency. Why spend money on new desktops when the necessary CPU cycles are already in the students’ backpacks? On the other hand, it’s a trend which most IT administrators resist. With Scense there’s no need.

The Scense client functionality runs on machines that are not managed by the administrator. Students can use educational applications and other IT resources on their own laptops or home PC’s, within the boundaries set by the IT department. Educational applications that should only run within the school’s perimeter simply won’t run outside.

Mondriaan university creates a centralized workspace for 20,000 students

“Last year, we needed to provision a new ROC Mondriaan building and we were looking at four days to complete the go-live. Using Scense User Workspace Management, the entire building was ready in one day.”

Peter Cornet and his team were wearing out the soles of their shoes managing the 7,000 endpoint estate to the ROC Mondriaan education institute in The Netherlands. Regular physical on-site interventions, manual imaging and provisioning, and other tasks meant this IT manager was almost overwhelmed by the constantly changing, high maintenance end-users and 450 applications. In response, ROC Mondriaan partnered with Scense B.V., one of the Netherlands’ fastest-growing providers of workspace management solutions. The Scense User Workspace Management solution eliminates complexity within the institute’s environment, by managing and delivering applications and desktops transparently together.

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