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Scense extends the workspace as we know today to a personalized and customized one with ubiquitous access. Universal access to IT resources, a context-aware user experience, location services, Live Profiles and dynamic printer management all ensure a high level of freedom and personalization for the user, while leaving control firmly in the hands of the IT department.


Dynamic Application Delivery and Control

Applications and all related information, like user settings, policies, drive mappings or printers, are centrally managed and dynamically delivered, personalized and configured accordingly to the circumstances under which a user operates. Context aware access to these applications is provided in a secure, safe, efficient and elegant way.

“Conflict free Workspace Provisioning”

is based on a technology called “Adaptive Installer: unique technology that enables real-time conflict isolation during the installation of a Windows application. In combination with the integration of all major application virtualization vendors, Scense always provides a 100% conflict free workspace, even on unmanaged PCs and without the need for a client hypervisor.

Scense Live Profiles

A fire and forget solution for user profile management. Workspace and application related user settings are separately and centrally stored but transparently available regardless of the version of the Microsoft Windows operating system and accessible throughout the entire landscape of physical and virtual desktops, laptops, terminal server sessions, unmanaged PCs and natively installed and virtual applications.

User Workspace Management as a Service

With the support of WCF, the Scense Engines run within Microsoft’s Internet Information Services. IIS’s scalable and open architecture is ready to handle the most demanding tasks. The switch to WCF also results in a change of communication protocols, opening up new use scenarios. The full Scense service portfolio will be available over the internet, including application distribution.

Real time Monitoring and auditing

Scense’s “Session Control Engine” provides the administrator with real time information and control over his desktop environment from machine startup until machine shutdown. Intervene directly, in real time when problems arise. Block applications instantly, provide the end user with understandable messages, install on the fly updates or applications and implement new policies when needed.