Full Version: Action based on registry change
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I want to know if its possible for a Scense action to be based on a registry change.

Case (simplified):

I use Scense client on vmware view VDI desktops

multiple locations all have different/unique subnets

so user logs logs on location 1 -> gets printer from location 1
user logs in on location 2 -> gets printer from location 2

this action is based on the locations build in Scense where the actual location comes from registry setting being inserted by the vmware view agent.
the "ViewClient_IP_Address" is the ip address of the actual zero client used by the user.

If a user switches from location 1 to location 2 and does NOT log out and in, but takes over the session, the "ViewClient_IP_Address" in the registry changes immediately.
At that point i want an action that changes the printer from "printer1" to "printer2"

Any ideas how to do this?

Hi Menno,

You should take a look at the 'Active Location monitoring' article on

Although this article describes experimental functionality, it just might help you out.

Hi Richard,

This post on ScenseGURU looks promising. Im gonna give it a shot... Wink