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Log bitlocker status - Michael Baars - 10-07-2018

The attached Scense Extension (SPK) logs the bitlocker status to the Scense event log.

Assign the extension to the startup event ofyour 'All (domain) computers' taskset, and in the startup of the computer you will find something like:
Scripting Action: Log BitLocker status  > Start  Scense-Script, Using: VBScript
Checking BitLocker status for: .
DeviceID: \\?\Volume{a1d56c94-5da4-46a0-ae73-af8f48bc8c5e}\
DriveLetter: C:
EncryptionMethod: None
ProtectionStatus: Protection Off
ConversionStatus: Fully Decrypted
EncryptionPercentage: 0%
LockStatus: Unlocked

This log can be used if you ever need to check if a system was encrypted…

Regards, Michael