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CheckInstallerType - ScenseGuru - 09-10-2020

This tool will give you information about the installer type of a generic (.exe) installer file and will even do a suggestion on how to install or uninstall the product unattended.

D:\>CheckInstallerType.exe D:\ISO\Affinity\Publisher\affinity-publisher-1.8.5.exe
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Checking 'D:\ISO\Affinity\Publisher\affinity-publisher-1.8.5.exe'
    Detected installer type : Nullsoft Scriptable Install System
  Suggested install options : /S
Suggested uninstall options : <installation path>\uninstaller.exe /S
            Additional info : Embedded Windows Installer file(s) detected.

If it detects an embedded Windows Installer file (MSI), it will add it to the report.