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Workstation registration incomplete
Hi all,

Last week we had to change the scense10_svc password.
Change the autrisations in servers and iss and all seamed to work correct .

I just did a database check becourse i had trouble opening the proberties of a object.
im a bit troubled by the amount of user inconsistency warnings.

So i also cleared the computer infomation summery and it looks like ws station registration isnt working correct.

I can open a execitve log and all is there but i mis alot of information in the ws listing at computer information.
The workstations dont register proper.

Can someone give me a pointer to were i have to look to fix this.

Best Regards,

Joeri van der Wal
Best Regards,


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Workstation registration incomplete - by Joeri - 01-13-2016, 12:03 PM

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