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Applications do not install
After clicking a shortcut the installation of the application is not started.

Application installations are performed by the Scense Ondemand Service. This service will start automatically at computer start up. If this service has not been started, applications will not be installed.

[Image: ImageDisplay?downloadType=uploadedFile&f...&mode=view]

This can be caused by an improper connection of the computer to the domain. You might rejoin the computer to the domain to solve this problem.
As an add-on:
If the installation of the Scense Client is performed by hand (invalid credentials applied) or the Scense ODS account does not have local admin rights installs of applications will fail. So check:
- The service is running (/started) using the Scense_ODS account
- The account has local admin rights (or domain admin)

And obvious: Check the account used has permissions to access the InstallScripts$-share Smile

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