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Action: Set the Outlook Signature from template
Ever needed a signature for your company applied to all employees?

How did you do it? Send them a mail with the copy-paste instructions?
And it failed big because everyone had the email address of the manager or PR-department, and everyone had the title 'PR assistant'?

Most companies have the user data stored in the active directory. At least the name, phone number and title. How about re-using this to pre-fill the signature. And then even being able to differentiate for new and reply-mails.

The attached zip contains a script (to be put in a Scense Scripting action) and a template document showing most capabilities. The extension reads the given user values from the AD and applies them to the text in the document. Just put the document somewhere, so all users can access it (InstallScripts$-share!).

After saving the script action, re-opening it will show a UI that allows changing most settings without having to change the script. However I want to provide the script so you can verify what AD-fields are used. Make sure to check the functionalities work for you, as there are some Office version dependencies.

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