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Backwards compatability Scense 10
Hello All,

Short question: Are Scense 8.1/8.2 clients still usable when we update the server side to Scense 10?

Thanx in advance Big Grin


Samir Boukari
To be honest: I assume not or only partially

Quite some new features were added, like OU criteria for scope checking. This functionality did not exist in pre-10 environments and thus will not work. I would suggest upgrading the clients...

My tip: Why not 'backup' your environment (copy database to a Scense10-DB, clone the Scense server and alter this new server to use the 'new' database). Next you upgrade this new server... In this case you could keep the 8.x clients use the existing server (no change needed). In the mean time upgrade the server (and test with some workstations).
Next you 'disable' the old environment (on logon: show message an upgrade is needed...?) and enforce a client upgrade (update service). This way the migration would be as smooth as... it can be...
Scense 8.x clients can be used with a Scense 10 back-end.
However, they are not aware of the new functionality in Scense 10 like e.g. Grouped Criteria.
This means that you should not start using new functionality while you still have older clients 'in the field'.

Side note: An upgrade scenario such as the one proposed by Michael is always a good idea.
Thanx Michael and Richard!
I allready assumed that scenario but I wanted to be sure, now I am.

I can't wait to update to Scense 10

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