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ScenseGuru - Runtime Extensions

For some time has hosted a download section containing runtime extensions and custom criteria.
With the start of the Scense User Group it seemed only logical to move this section to the forum.
So enjoy...


Many thanks to Michael Baars and Edwin Friesen for providing runtime extensions.

Important disclaimer for all posted runtime extensions by ScenseGuru.

After importing the Action Templates with the Scense Package Wizard you should move the scripting action to the ‘Scense\Scense System\Script Container\Action Templates’ folder in Scense Explorer, so they will show up in the ‘New Action’ context menu.

All content can be used freely but there are some limitations:
  • Use content at your own risk.

  • ScenseGuru will never be liable for damage in any way shape or form caused directly or indirectly by using the downloaded content.

  • Downloading and using content does not grant anyone any rights to support.

  • ScenseGuru is never obligated to offering support or answering questions about downloaded content.

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