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Scense Shortcut Parameters

Maybe someone can explain me the use of Scense Shortcut Parameters. I would like to start a shortcut with a compatibility configuration and I want it to be Enhanced Scense Shortcut.
Can I accomplish this with Scense Shortcut Parameters?


Mikkie van Falier

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Hi Mikkie,

The shortcut parameters are a remnant from the pre-Scense 5 era and they are still available for compatibility reasons. Before Scense 5 the shortcut parameters were the only way to tell Scense what to do when a Scense shortcut was clicked. The shortcut parameters were part of the command-line inside the actual shortcut (the .lnk file). The command line in the shortcut is limited in length and this caused problems. In Scense 5 the 'Enhanced Shortcut' was introduced where the shortcut details were stored in the database. The shortcut GUID was introduced as part of the command-line in the Scense shortcut so the Scense runtime could easily find the appropriate (link) parameters in the database. You can still use the shortcut parameters to pass special arguments to the application event.

About your question:
No the shortcut parameters cannot be used to set a compatibility configuration for a shortcut.
The program compatibility is not stored inside the shortcut (the .lnk file), but instead it is stored in the registry.
"HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\AppCompatFlags\Layers" or it's HKLM equivalent.
You should see what is stored there and try to replicate it with a Scense registry action.
Hi Richard,

Thanks for the detailed reply, I can work with this!


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