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Software Metering report - unique users per application
Here's a new report file you might like to add to your Scense Report Viewer.
It shows the application users grouped per application, so you will know which unique users are using a specific application.

By default, the functionality for adding and removing reports to and from the database is disabled to protect the reports in the database.
This functionality can be switched on by adding a value in the registry.

You can install the report by following these steps:
  1. Create this registry key: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Scense\ReportViewer
  2. Create a new REG_DWORD in the above key: ‘AllowAddRemoveReports’ with a value of 1
  3. Open the Scense Report Viewer
  4. In the ‘File’ menu the ‘Add Report’ command has become available, click it
  5. Select the report that you have downloaded from this post and click OK
  6. Remove the registry value you just created (or set it to 0), just to make sure you're unable to unintentionally remove any reports
The procedure above has imported the report into the Scense database so it will be available for everyone using the Scense Report Viewer.
The new report can be found in the Scense Report Viewers tree-view and is named: “Application Users (unique, grouped)”.

You won't need the downloaded rpt-file any longer after you've imported it...


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