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Workstation registration incomplete
Hi all,

Last week we had to change the scense10_svc password.
Change the autrisations in servers and iss and all seamed to work correct .

I just did a database check becourse i had trouble opening the proberties of a object.
im a bit troubled by the amount of user inconsistency warnings.

So i also cleared the computer infomation summery and it looks like ws station registration isnt working correct.

I can open a execitve log and all is there but i mis alot of information in the ws listing at computer information.
The workstations dont register proper.

Can someone give me a pointer to were i have to look to fix this.

Best Regards,

Joeri van der Wal
Best Regards,

Hi Joeri,

Service accounts are/can be used in several linked systems and possibly syncs in authorisation can take some time. In general this is why you do not want to change service account passwords    ; )

The service account for Scense is only used on the server-side, which is a good thing. Have you restarted the server (or IIS, or at least give the application pool a recycle)? This should solve it.

For Scense in version 10 there are now 2 databases, and corresponding systems (Scense engine, Live Profiles and *new-new* reporting). Possible some service still thinks it needs to use the old credentials? Same is for the database connectivity (however: you see items in the DB, so this should be ok).

Be carefull to ever change the ODS password, as this one is used on the endpoints and it might need some reboots to be able to change this!

Good luck and please keep us informed if you found what triggered the issues (what you needed to reboot/restart to fix it).

Kind regards,
Michael Baars
Thank you for the reply Michael.

So i maybe need another reboot, ok ill do that end of the day.

After changing the password i forgot the authentication in iis, Dennis helped me with that one.
im sure i did a reboot then also.
Best Regards,


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