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Move database
Hi There,

Can anyone tell me what the correct way to move the database is?

What I have done so far is backup the database and restore it on another SQL server.
After that I changed all the .udl files I could find on the Scense server.
This made sure the Scense Explorer and Report Viewer connected to the new database but the Scense server itself surely was still connected to the old database.

Anyone has any experience with this?

Everything in Scense is so simple imo so I doubt that the correct way to do this is to reinstall the Scense server, make a new database on the new database server and then restore the database to that new database server.


Samir Boukari
Hi Samir,

It seems you did the right things by updating all UDL-files.
There's one thing I can think of that might keep the Scense services from using the new database.
You should recycle the Scense web services, as well as the Scense 'NT services'.

Hi Richard,

Tried it but unfortunately it did not solve it, any more ideas? Smile
Just got of the phone with Richard.
The solution to the problem was in the UDL files... I changed the UDL files while double clicking it. When I checked afterwards it showed the new servername.
BUT, when you open the UDL files with notepad you still see the old servername. Weird.

So change the udl files using notepad and your problem will be gone.
Thanks for the help Richard!
Make sure you backup first!

reading this thread, I've a few questions:

- How do you check the Scense Server is connected with the new database?
- After the Scense .udl has been changed, are the actions "recycle Scense Webservices" and "Scense NT Services" needed?

Kind regards, Paul Kieboom
Hi Paul,

Probably the easiest way is to add a targeted message action (conditional: only your username) to an application or logon.
If you get the message, you're on the new server.

The recycling should not be necessary unless the new database(server) implements Windows authentication that grants a new database users group.
Even though the account(s) running the web-service and NT-services are a member of this group, it might only be in effect after recycling.

Thank you Richard for your quick response,

At our Scense Servers I found the Scense.udl at three locations:

 - c:\Windows\System32\Scense.udl
 - c:\Windows\SysWOW64\Scense.udl
 - c:\Program Files\Scense\Scense.udl

I assume all these files have to be changed, right?
This morning the Scense Database has been moved with success. A restart of the two Scense Servers seemed to be needed to let them properly connect with the moved database.

Thank you all for all the information given in this thread.

Kind regards,

Paul Kieboom

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