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Moving LiveProfileStore
Im looking into the possibility to move the LiveProfileStore to another location.
The only place i can find were the store locatie is set is in registry.
Is this correct ?
Also im not clear on the right needed on the share (we had to much rights on it).
Best Regards,

Hi Joeri,

This is correct.
Additionally in the Scense Explorer (system-environment variables) it is possible to define the share where live profiles can be found. This however is 'only' for convenience for IT, to be able to browse this folder and verify data stored in the live profile (for diagnostic or performance/storage optimalisation only of course). So read-only for the servicedesk/helpdesk should be sufficient.

As Live Profiles is handled by the webservice only, the share is not a requirement for functionality (Richard, please correct me if I am wrong).

Also for permissions/security:
Look at the following post as well to apply improved security:

Kind regards,
Michael Baars
Thank you Michael ill have a look at it.
Best Regards,


If you're planning to physically move the Profile store to another server or another location on the same server, then it's probably good to know that the Profile store consists of a file-system part and a database part, where the database contains path information in a non-portable format.
In other words; moving the profile store requires changes in the database.

ok that is a important part to know.
(also explains why i can't get my test setup to work)
What do i need to do to change the database ?

I was thinking to delete all user and computer information and liveprofiles, so its a clean start.
Maybe this can be done in the database ? doing it manual isnt very convinient.
Best Regards,


You can do a clean start by selecting all users in Scense Explorer and remove them including the Live Profile data.
Depending on the number of users, this can take a while.

Changing the database manually is not recommended.

If you are just switching servers you can make sure the local path to the profile store on the new server is equal to the original path (e.g. C:\Scense\LiveProfileStore) and then there's no need for changing the database and you can simply point the Live Profiles clients to the new server an continue.


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