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Setup Scense Unmanaged
Hi all,

We are trying to setup Scense unmanaged envoirenment.
Is there some kind of template i can use or any step by step instructions that i can follow to set this up?

Thanks in advance,
Hi Anand,

Firstly I would recommend reading the 'Bring Your Own Computer' chapter in the Scense Administrator Guide (if you haven't done that already), so you know about the possibilities.
The next steps are depending on what you're planning to achieve with your 'unmanaged environment'.
Do you
1. simply want to service some on premise (non-domain-joined) computers?
 or do you want to
2. have a fully functional BYOD laptop including Live Profiles and the ability to install software over the internet?
 or something in between?

In all scenarios you need a non-domain-joined computer where the logged on user is a member of the local administrators group and make sure the Scense Unmanaged Client (also referred to as the Scense non-domain Client) is installed.
The difference between the normal- and the unmanaged Scense Client is the installer. The software itself is identical.
The unmanaged Scense Client will not include the Scense OnDemand service, so any tasks directed to the workstation will not be executed.
Once you have the unmanaged client working with your existing Scense server you can do further steps towards scenario 2 (if necessary).

You might want to read this ScenseGuru article:
It's based on Scense 8, but the basics are still very much the same.

Good luck,

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