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slp learning mode
Hi guys,

We are setting up the slp enviroment but im not sure what im doing wrong here.
Slp is running and we seen the background changing from 1 to another computer.

I have a appllication (notepad like the example i followed) turn slp on and set it to learning mode.
Was expecting to see some filters being added to the list but nothing, even after a day waiting and using the application.
Should i set something els to get the learn results ?


Best Regards,

Hi Joeri,

You mention that you see the background (wallpaper) changing, which indicates that Live Profiles is operational.
There's one thing you might have forgotten: the process to application mapping.

As notepad is part of the OS, I can imagine that you didn't create a shortcut or FTA for it within the Scense application object.
In such a situation Scense Explorer will not be able to determine the program to monitor.
Simply naming the Scense application object 'Notepad' will not instruct Live Profiles to start monitoring notepad.exe.

In the Live Profiles application property page, near the bottom, there's an option to specify programs that this application object maps to.
If you specify notepad.exe Live profiles will know what to do after the filters have been updated (automatically after a few minutes).

To speed up the filter update process you might logoff and logon.

Now you should start seeing filters being added after you have opened and closed notepad.


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