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Second installscripts$ share in new site (another subnet)

We have a wds server at our main office with the win7 image and Scense Application.
From our main location we can deploy desktop computers with the win7 image and after deployment it automatically installs Scense Metering, LiveProfile and Update service.
After restart we see that the Scense client is also installed (Scense client installation file is not on the wds server but on our Scense server installscript share) on the newly deployed desktop.

We have rolled out an exact copy of the wds server at another branche. In Scense Explorer we have created a Site for this branche and configured the scope to match the subnet range of that Branche (ip range is a subnet of our main office network). We also changed the installscript share for this Site to point to installscripts$ on the new WDS server.

Now when we deploy a new desktop computer in the branche office the win7 image installs fine. So are the Scense Metering, LiveProfile and the Update Service. The Scense Client however is not there. For some reason the update service is unable to install the Scense client. In what way does Update service performs the installation? Do we need to open or route any ports
for communication?

Hi Anand,

It seems you did the right things.
The only thing left might be checking the Scense Update job.
The default Scense update job scopes to the default site, so you should probably create a new update job for the new site.

Which was indeed what i missed.
Thnx for the support.

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