Business first
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DNA Services

Clients see DNA as their external IT-department.
In close co-operation custom applications get form. Users are involved and heard. Whether it comes to development, support or management. Everything revolves around your bussiness – with all its challenges and bottlenecks.

That attitude is deeply rooted in our company. In 1994, we emerged from the IT department of a manufacturing company. The initiators are Dick Griep, Niek de Rijk and Albert van Zijverden. Our name still consists of the initial letters of their first names. We are used to operate with and between users. (Our ideas were put to the test the very next day).

Now we are an independent IT company with more than 40 employees. But we still feel one with the companies we work for. And although we love our job and we always seek to lead the way on IT solution devevlopment, your business goes first. That is typical DNA. Business first.