User Profile Management

Let's make it personal

It’s just something personal

Nothing is more important than a clean, undisturbed, standard workspace that’s free from the litter of previous users. So, thank heavens for mandatory profiles and non-persistent VDI. Unless, of course, you have to manually restore your default printer, Outlook signature, keyboard language, pinned applications, and swap your mouse buttons every time you’ve logged in.
It’s very hard not to take this personally…

Scense Live Profiles

Live Profiles delivers consistent and familiar behavior to the user across all types of applications and desktops. Whenever necessary, Live Profiles will automatically convert your setting when moving between Windows versions or different architectures.

Delivering user settings, in real-time, is invaluable in offering a personalized desktop experience on non-persistent- or shared computers.

“It soon became clear that both the login time and the time needed to gain access to applications were much shorter than we were used to”

Dekker Zevenhuizen


See how Dekker went from slow and inconsistent, to organized and responsive, with Scense.

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A Consistent Experience

Personal settings are stored in a portable form and will automatically roam between:

  •   Windows versions
  •   32- &64-bit
  •   domain- & non-domain

Shorter Logon Times

Live Profiles focuses on the important parts of the user profile and only delivers the appropriate bits just in time. This allows for faster logons and logoffs.


What About App-V?

Even if some settings reside inside the virtual bubble, you shouldn’t worry. Live Profiles will let these settings travel, even between vritualized- and conventional counterparts.


Your Profile is Live

Live Profiles supports concurrent sessions for the same user, where the real-time operations of Live Profiles leave little chance for last-writer-wins problems.

Roll back the clock

“I lost my autocad toolbar. I must have hit some key and now it’s gone.” Remember this helpdesk call, or a similar one? Sometimes a misplaced keystroke can do terrible things. You will have no clue as to what just happened, but worse, you might have no idea how to get that toolbar back.


Integrated in the Scense Client, Live Profiles will show you the most recent versions of your personal settings, and allow you to select a specific version to restore next time you logon or start the application. You will be happy to see that your toolbar has returned.

A More Consistent And Personal User Experience

Make your users feel warm and comfy with Scense:

  •   Increase user productivity
  •   Shorter logon times
  •   Support BYOD
  •   Reduce IOPS
  •   Easier Windows migrations