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SCENSE is looking for conflicts...

I have this problem with one application, when manually installed it takes max 3 minutes. If done via Scense, the checking for conflicts alone takes up 678 seconds (11 min).
Any way to pass this step or resolve it?

23-11-2017 8:32:57 3,5940 Elevated Action WindowsInstaller Action: Therefore 2017 > Install '{BF409F62-F9BE-4891-A8B5-6DF546BE5067}' (%InstallScripts%\Therefore Client 2017\Client\TheClient.x64.msi) {BEDF0ACC-6C04-4AD5-BE4D-88B128BC31A2}
23-11-2017 8:33:00 1,1400 Elevated Action Scense Adaptive Installer {BEDF0ACC-6C04-4AD5-BE4D-88B128BC31A2}
23-11-2017 8:33:02 1,1720 Elevated System MSI: Scense Adaptive Installation Initializing...
23-11-2017 8:33:03 678,0000 Elevated System MSI: Scense is looking for conflicts....
23-11-2017 8:44:21 50,5000 Elevated System MSI: Scense has detected no conflict(s)..
23-11-2017 8:45:11 0,3280 Elevated System MSI: Scense Adaptive Installation Finished.
23-11-2017 8:45:12 0,0470 TaskSetMode Finish TaskSetMode: Application Install Actions {0EE77E66-CC17-467F-97BF-8967CB9EF843}
23-11-2017 8:45:12 0,0000 TaskSet Finish TaskSet: Therefore 2017 {0E2F3B48-0331-4890-8B43-1FEAEDC3AD4D}
23-11-2017 8:45:12 0,0000 System Finish OnDemand TaskSet

The program works, but takes 11 min more to install per user Sad

Low prio, since it works and effects 10 users at the moment.
Hi Timo,

By default, Scense will invoke the 'Adaptive Installer' for MSI-installations.
This process will examine all application components to see if they would cause compatibility problems if they were installed.
These problems are more commonly referred to as 'DLL Hell'.
With most application installations you will hardly notice this step in the installation process, but for installations with a large number of files, this process step might take some more time.
If this step is disrupting or unacceptable you can switch off the adaptive installer.
This can be done in the Windows Installer property page of the Application object in Scense Explorer.
Just uncheck the box and Scense will skip the Adaptive Installer process for this application in future installations.
If you notice faulty behavior of other applications, after installing without the Adaptive Installer, you can always switch it back on.

I hope this helps.

That worked, thnx.

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