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Special notice for Live Profiles when upgrading to Scense 10
When you are about to upgrade to Scense 10 and you are already using Scense Live Profiles for roaming application settings, then please read the following carefully.
Scense 10 has a modernized 'process-to-application-mapping' (or PAM) that is shared between Live Profiles and the Software Metering subsystem.
Any existing mappings in the 'old' filter sets should be upgraded to the new PAM before the Scense Live Profiles Client is upgraded on the workstations and before any changes to Live Profiles settings are made with Scense Explorer.

The upgrade can be done with the attached tool.

The upgrade tool will first check if there are already new PAM records in the database.
If so the tool will assume that the upgrade has already taken place.
If not, the tool will enable the 'upgrade' button which will, after being clicked, convert the existing mappings to the new PAM.

The tool (Scense_SLP10.exe) must be run on a computer where Scense Explorer 10 is installed.

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